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Principal Investigator


Rana Ashkar                   

(540) 231-5243 
 309 Robeson Hall                                               
850 West Campus Drive,                     
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Graduate Students


Teshani's Headshot

Teshani Omanthika      

Teshani is interested in Membrane Biophysics and Polymer Physics. She is studying collective dynamics in lipid membranes and mechanical properties of cell growth scaffolds. 

Hadi's Headshot

Hadi Rahmani                  

Hadi is working on simulations of lipid bilayers and on theorertical modeling of scattering data from periodic nanostructures with applications in polymer technology and biophysics. 

Chi's Headshot

Chi Chen                                        

Chi is intrested in biophysics and condensed matter physics. His research is focused on the physical and mechanical aspects of lipid membranes as 2D self-assembled materials.  

Undergraduate Students




Julie Nguyen                        

Julie is a rising senior in Physics on Pre-med track. Her interests include mechanics and biophysics. 


Former Group Members

Postdoctoral Scholars:

Saptarshi Chakraborty

Graduate Students:

Damian Ream

Undergraduate Students:

Alison Gaylord

Liam Weston

Vince Vasudevan 

Andy Jackson